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Prince Harry & Prince William’s Detailed Work on Diana’s Statue Belies Their Current Feuding

Thursday is the big day for the Princess Diana statue unveiling, but we all know there is another story that is generating headlines: Prince Harry and Prince William’s reunion. It’s likely going to be awkward and possibly tense, but what they achieved together behind this scenes to honor their mother gives us hope that a reconciliation could happen.

Princess Diana would hate to see her sons feuding in such an emotional and public way, and maybe the ceremony will chip away at some of the differences keeping them apart. If they look at the work they did leading up to the unveiling, they would see that they came together for their mother. A source told The Telegraph that William and Harry worked for “months collaborating on the design” and were meticulous about even the most minute details, including “advising the sculptor on how her nose should look.” Insiders confirmed to the U.K. publication that it is a “youthful” representation of Diana, and in no way “austere or imperious.” William and Harry even took the time to make sure the statue was placed in the perfect location at Kensington Palace Gardens.

The duo was completely invested in honoring their late mother in the best way possible and they wanted to make sure she was represented as her fans remembered her. “Both brothers wanted to ensure that the artwork is something that really resonates with the public,” said another source. It’s beautiful to see William and Harry’s teamwork again, similar to what we used to see on display during royal events. Even though their lives have diverged in different directions, this project could lay the groundwork for future opportunities.

What they both need to realize is that Diana would hate to see the fracture between her sons — it would break her heart because they both meant the world to her. They obviously feel the same way about their late mom given how much time and love they invested into carrying on her legacy, and they did it together. Maybe tomorrow will offer some of that perspective and heartfelt emotion that’s been missing from their sibling bond because Diana would love to know her family is united.

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