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President Biden & First Lady Jill Biden Are the Picture of Lasting Love in These New Vogue Photos

After nearly 45 years of marriage, President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden are just as in love as ever! The couple posed for a series of photos, captured by famed photographer Annie Lebovitz for the August 2021 issue of Vogue. In one of the photos, the camera simply peers through two tree branches, capturing an intimate moment between the President and the First Lady.

Dr. Biden and President Biden are very familiar with the pressures and the attention that comes with the White House. Of course, in the profile of the couple, President Biden describes that holding the highest office in the federal government and becoming first lady has, indeed, had an impact on their bond. “I miss her,” President Biden shared.

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President Joe Biden, First Lady Jill Biden Annie Leibovitz//Vogue.

“I’m really proud of her. But it’s not like we can just go off like we used to. When we were living in Delaware and married, once a month we’d just go up to a local bed-and-breakfast by ourselves, to make sure we had a romantic time.”

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First Lady Jill Biden in Oscar De La Renta for ‘Vogue’ Annie Leibovitz//Vogue

“I’ll find that I’m working on a hell of an important speech and I’m distracted,” Biden continues in the profile. “We have to figure out a way — and I mean this sincerely — to be able to steal time for one another. I think that’s the deal.”

Of course, the couple is making the most of every moment they have together. “Even the thing about having dinner together…It’s just part of the day that we set apart, and we still light the candles, still have the conversations, still put the phones away.”

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