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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban’s PDA Photos Have Gotten Hotter & Hotter Over the Years

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s most recent spicy anniversary picture has reminded us of something we shouldn’t soon forget again: this couple is hot, hot, hot for each other and they love to show it to the world. These two are totally not afraid to show off just how in love they are, and we are so here for it. They’ve been married for 15 years and seem just as happy as they were when they first got together. So, here’s a roundup of our favorite PDA moments from this adorable pair (prepare yourselves for a love overload). We’re starting from least spicy to most.

This first picture appears to be from a family New York trip the pair took and honestly we just love how fashionable they both look. They really do seem like two peas in a pod.

This next photo shows their dynamic as a couple oh, so well. Kidman is laughing into a bouquet of flowers that seem to have been bought by Urban for her birthday, while he stares lovingly into her eyes. How cute is that?

This picture of the pair embracing is just so sweet. Urban posted it in celebration of their 15th anniversary and honestly, we love how casual they are about PDA. They constantly seem caught up in one another and it’s too sweet.

This next post really makes Urban and Kidman seem like a totally normal couple. The picture looks like any ordinary married couple’s travel shot, and we love that the pair shared a photo kissing on social media.

This is definitely the most revealing of their PDA photos (outside of that sexy anniversary post that Kidman shared last week). Now we just have one question…who decided to take this picture for them mid-makeout?

Overall, we’re just happy to see these two thriving in their marriage. Cheers to many more years. If any celebrity couple can make it through the ups and downs of marriage, it’s these two.

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