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Prince Charles Reportedly Gutted by Prince William & Prince Harry’s Royal Rift

Even with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle setting up a new life in the United States, the departure wasn’t supposed to be this dramatic. The royal feud has taken over the headlines and there seems to be no way out for either side because there is no middle ground. The family member who is reportedly most upset by this turn of events might surprise you: Prince Charles.

There have been countless stories about the Prince of Wales’ anger and fury over Harry airing personal grievances to the press, but there might be more sadness than anything else. A royal insider shared with People that Charles was “shell-shocked by it all” and the rift between his sons has left him “very hurt and upset.” These newly revealed feelings may also be surfacing after the death of his father, Prince Philip, because grief can magnify other stressful situations — and boy, there is a lot of stress in the royal family right now.

The other issue is that the family is busy and there seems to be little time for mending fences. The Duke of Sussex was only briefly in London to honor his grandfather, and a two-hour meeting with Charles and William after the funeral was deemed “unproductive,” according to The Sun. With an ocean and a continent separating the family, wading through decades of emotions isn’t going to happen in one brief meeting. It’s unlikely that any peace will be brokered next month during the Princess Diana statue unveiling either, Charles won’t be anywhere near the event due to other royal obligations.

It’s going to take a serious commitment from everyone to figure out a way to heal the deep wounds, especially after the tumultuous year they’ve all been through. But this latest insider information about Charles’ raw emotions makes us think that reconciliation is possible, but the royal family is going to have to make it a personal priority.

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

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