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Kim Kardashian Says Looking Like Her Isn’t Unattainable, You Just Have to ‘Do the Work’

It wouldn’t be like the Kardashians if they didn’t go down without some controversy lighting up social media. On the reunion special for the series finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, host Andy Cohen asked a valid question that has hovered over the family for the last 20 seasons: “Do you think that you are promoting unattainable standards of beauty in any way?”

The responses were mixed from the sisters, but let’s start with Kim, who has changed her looks from the first season in 2007. If this answer doesn’t infuriate you, we don’t know what will. “No, I don’t, because I think we get up, we do the work, we work out,” the Skims founder said. OK, Kim puts in the hard work on her body because she has access to every top trainer, esthetician, dermatologist, chef, plastic surgeon and hair and makeup artist. Many of these skilled people are on her payroll and work exclusively for the family.

Younger sister Kendall Jenner also supported Kim’s response, “We all really enjoy taking care of ourselves and being healthy, so if anything I think the only thing we’re trying to represent is being the most healthy version of yourself.” But again, it’s not acknowledging how their influence is unattainable for most people unless they are spending their full paycheck on a Kardashian-level beauty regimen.

The only one who seemed to be rooted in the truth, and who understands the implications of what her sisters were saying, was Kourtney Kardashian. She could barely be bothered to do the reality show over the last few seasons, and she could only roll her eyes at their answers because deep down she knew exactly how they’ve all had a hand in turning some of their hardcore fans into Kardashian clones — from contoured makeup to body shape.

It’s never as simple as just working hard, it’s about having the finances and privilege to morph your body the way you want, with a whole lot of help. If Kim had only acknowledged that, even just a little bit, we would have felt they were somewhat grounded in reality — but they are not.

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