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Jennifer Lopez Once Again Proves 50 Is Fabulous With Her Latest Instagram Photos

From her regularly stunning selfies to her full glam looks, Jennifer Lopez has always crushed the Instagram game. And let’s face it, when you look like J.Lo, how could you not?! Yep, the singer is basically all of our face, body, and life goals in one. In her latest IG photo, the mom of two wore a gorgeous outfit paired with knee-high metallic gold boots — and she looks absolutely amazing. TBH we don’t think many people could pull off this look, but Jenny from the Block certainly can!

“Today’s look ✨ #FashionFriday,” Lopez captioned her photo. OK, let’s take a minute to appreciate how radiant she is radiant in these snaps. Her soft glam makeup is perfect for her over-the-top vibrant outfit.

We have a lot of questions (namely, how is she able to effortlessly pull off this look?) but seriously people, it looks as though J.Lo has been drinking out of the fountain of youth. We’ll have whatever she’s been taking, please!

In the comments, people couldn’t help but send in all the fire and heart eyes emojis to compliment the star. One user wrote, “This makeup look 🔥🔥,” while another Instagrammer chimed in to say, “Girl you are getting younger by the day 😍.”

One comment, however, made some solid points as to why Lopez might look as glowy as she does. “Literally glowing !!,” a comment read, “Happiness working its wonders 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.” Is her rekindled romance with her beau Ben Affleck why Lopez is beaming?! Lopez has always been a natural beauty, but we’re willing to bet ultra bliss certainly can’t hurt.

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