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Kanye West’s Reported Reasons For Liking Irina Shayk Seem to Hit At Kim Kardashian

Going through a public divorce and then starting to date again is not for the faint of heart, especially when sources are dishing out all of the details. Even though Kim Kardashian is moving forward with her life, she would probably rather not hear the reasons why ex Kanye West loves dating Irina Shayk because they seem to take a dig at her personality.

An insider told Us Weekly that West adores his new love because she’s “very easygoing and a laid-back person to be with.” Well, he knew what he was getting into when he started dating a Kardashian — there’s nothing relaxed at all about their lifestyle. As a brand, the family is booked, busy and blessed. Of course, Shayk and West both have big careers too, but the Kris Jenner PR machine works overtime in comparison to other Hollywood celebrities.

The real kinship between the rapper and the model is their shared interest in fashion — and don’t think for a minute that West didn’t learn something from momager Jenner. We think he has his own ideas of using Shayk as his creative muse. “Kanye also loves that Irina is an established and respected model in the fashion community. He loves that she carries clout with the fashion world,” the insider revealed. “He thinks they could be a very chic power couple.”

And maybe that’s exactly where West would like to land — entrenched deep into the fashion world and maybe less in the Hollywood machine. Neither one is better than the other, but it seems like he and his ex lived two separate lives for several years. The Yeezy founder hasn’t been secret about wanting to date “an artist or a creative person” for his next relationship so they could “speak the same language to each other,” per Page Six, and he’s found that in Shayk. Now let’s hope Kim isn’t taking his dating criteria list too personally as she moves on from her ex.

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