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Jennifer Lopez’s Reported Reason For Breaking Up With Ben Affleck in 2003 Is No Longer in Their Way

It’s November 2002. Juicy tracksuits and low-rise jeans abound, Jennifer Lopez’s video for “Jenny From the Block” just dropped, topping the Billboard charts. Bennifer is still going strong — so strong, in fact, Ben Affleck proposed following the iconic video’s release. J.Lo has her rock (and yet, is still indeed Jenny from the block). Life is good. But then, the iconic couple called off their wedding, officially announcing their split in 2004. Hearts broke across the globe, only to be mended in 2021, in light of their reunion. So, what initially went wrong for the Gigli co-stars, and why and how will it be different this time around, if at all?

Per Page Six, Bennifer’s demise was simply a matter of timing and priorities. “As hot and heavy as their relationship was, they were on very different paths at the end of it,” a source told the publication. “Jennifer was ready to settle down and have kids, but Ben wasn’t keen on giving up his bachelor lifestyle just yet. In the end, she got tired of waiting for him to come around — even though it broke her heart to end things.”

The source also said that “Jennifer always saw Ben as the one that got away,” which made taking him back in the present-day that much easier — thus breathing life into 2021’s best romantic revival, Bennifer 2.0.

By the looks of it (read: a whole lot of PDA), Lopez and Affleck are happier than ever to be back together. Plus, their initial reason for parting ways — differing priorities regarding commitment and having children — no longer applies, as Lopez already has children, 13-year-old twins Max and Emme. What’s more, Affleck is seemingly bonding with the teens: The four attended a family dinner together earlier this week.

Hey, happiness and success are never linear, right? We think there’s hope for a happy Bennifer ending, after all.

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