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Jennifer Lopez’s Romantic Video With Ben Affleck Included One Other Important Relationship Milestone

It seems like family really does come first for both Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. The pair, who, as the world now knows, reunited after nearly two decades apart, were spotted kissing at a dinner recently — but there’s one small detail you may have missed in that viral PDA. (To be fair, we almost missed it, because that kiss did look pretty magical.) But here it is: Lopez’s children, twins Max, 13, and Emme, 13, whom she shares with Marc Anthony, can be seen conversing with Affleck as if it wasn’t their first time meeting. We could go as far as to say, it looked like they were all pretty comfortable and joking around. That has us thinking one thing…these two could really be getting serious already!

A source told People that in fact, Affleck and Lopez’s kids are getting to know one another. “They are slowly getting to know Ben. Everything seems to be running smoothly. It’s very obvious that Jennifer is serious about Ben.” We couldn’t be happier to hear that Bennifer 2.0 is getting serious. Maybe it means that rumor about her moving to LA to be closer to Affleck really is true. The source even weighed in sharing that the kids are “onboard with starting fresh in Los Angeles.”

Honestly, we just want Bennifer to survive and thrive this time around. Seeing as her kids are supposedly onboard with moving, we wouldn’t be surprised if we learned Lopez had purchased a property in LA. Hopefully, we’ll get some details when Lopez meets Affleck’s kids. Then again, who knows? Maybe it’s already happened.

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