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Gwen Stefani Is Dropping Some Serious Hints That She Secretly Married Blake Shelton in These New Photos

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton wouldn’t do this to us, right? After waiting a whopping five years for Shelton to get down on one knee and propose to Stefani, which he finally did in late October after dating since 2015, all signs pointed to the couple having a blowout celebrity wedding not too long after — but new photos and hints from Stefani suggest these two may have ducked away and tied the knot in secret instead. While a wedding party where they can celebrate with all their friends may still be on the books, the singer posted a clue this weekend that she was getting married in the not-too-distant future, and photos from the following day showed her wearing a new diamond ring on the same finger as her engagement ring.

Stefani shared a photo of herself to her Instagram with “SHE’S GETTING MARRIIIEEEEED” written on top — an announcement that might have just been excitement about her ongoing engagement had other new photos not surfaced the next day. In photos obtained by The Post (see here), Stefani is wearing a diamond-studded band right next to her engagement ring, suggesting Shelton might have slipped the ring on her finger in a secret ceremony over the weekend.

Stefani and Shelton have gone back and forth on whether they want a small, family-only wedding to celebrate their love or whether they want to go all-out and invite 300 of their closest friends, but after these photos, we’re wondering if they went for secret option C and just gathered the necessary witnesses instead. Maybe they decided they’d waited long enough and just couldn’t wait to marry each other, but here’s hoping they still throw the party we’ve been hoping to see.

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