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Britney Spears Just Shared Another Neon Bathing Suit Photo — With a Surprising Reveal

If there’s one thing we love about Britney Spears, it’s her free spirit. The pop star regularly shares videos of herself letting loose on Instagram in the form of some pretty iconic dance videos (OK, let’s face it, everything she does is iconic), but a new snap is showing a different side to Spears. In her latest IG post, Spears stunned in a neon pink bathing suit and revealed her secret tattoo written in Hebrew. Check it out below:

“Hot pink makes my tan pop 🌸👙🌸!!!!” Spears began her IG caption alongside a picture of her lifting her hair to show off a small tattoo on her neck. “Have you seen the tattoo on the back of my neck before ???? It’s Hebrew, it’s a language written backwards !!!! It says Mem Hey Shin and means healing !!!! It’s my favorite tattoo but ironically you never see it 😉😉😉 !!!!!”

Spears is no stranger to permanent ink and has gotten some pretty amazing tattoos over the years, including her fairy tattoo on her lower back and pink dice on her left wrist. Since Spears shared that this tattoo is actually her favorite, we’d imagine that it means something special to her.

In the comments, people praised the tattoo, while others called out her impressive tan. “Dang I need a tan like that Britney. 👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥” read one comment while another user said, “Love & healing to you, Brit! <3.”

It’s not often that we get to learn something new about Britney Spears, and we love that she’s able to share part of what makes her so unique with all of her fans.

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