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Kate Middleton Reportedly Worries That Talking to Meghan Markle Could Put Her in the Middle of Royal Family Drama

There’s no denying that the royal family has had a lot on their plates lately —  new babies, a sad passing, and a family feud come to mind. With so much going on, they have to be looking for a moment of peace. Could that be happening between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle?

A new report from the Mirror has Meghan “secretly reach[ing] out to Kate” because “the only hope they can have of smoothing things over with the family is to get Kate on their side.” We don’t buy some of the reasons the U.K. publication is dishing out for why the Duchess of Sussex is asking for help like the fact that “Meghan’s fearful of losing her title,” per their source. Honestly, we don’t think the former Suits star cares one bit about her duchess title, but mending family fences are a good priority to have after months and months of both sides of the royals letting this all play out in the press.

So the Duchess of Cambridge seems like a good place to start since she’s always deemed the peacemaker between Prince William and Prince Henry, but Kate is treading very cautiously in this situation. “Kate would rather stay out of any ‘secret talks’, as she fears anything she says could be used against her,” the source shared. We don’t blame her for being paranoid about any secret conversations, especially after her father-in-law and husband were fearful about Harry leaking any information to the press after their post-funeral family conference. No one trusts anyone in the family anymore.

It’s also unlikely that Meghan needs to secretly reach out to Kate given the fact that we know the Cambridges sent well wishes after Lilibet was born late last week. There are some hints of warmth between these two women (they don’t need to be BFFs), so calling her sister-in-law without Harry or William present could easily happen. Kate might not want to be right in the middle of the family feud conversation, but as someone who holds influence within the family, she might be able to help guide a path to forgiveness on both sides.

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