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Halle Berry Has Legs For Days in This Sizzling New Bikini Photo

Halle Berry is defying the odds yet again and are we even surprised? She’s gorgeous and there is no denying the fact that it feels like she never ages. No matter what she wears, whether it’s a leopard print bodysuit, gold trenchcoat, or even a crop top ballgown, she always looks incredible. Not to mention she’s insanely talented, holding a coveted Oscar for Best Actress. Berry’s latest social media post is further proof that hotness is definitely not determined by age and that bikinis have no age limit. Let’s just say that her boyfriend, Van Hunt, is one lucky man.

Berry took to Instagram to show off her incredible body with fans, writing, “if it requires a bikini, my answer is always yes please!” Honestly, we love her confidence and that she’s normalizing wearing a bikini in your 50s. She’s so comfortable in her own skin and it’s an inspiration to women everywhere that no matter how old or young you are, you’re beautiful on the inside and out. Basically, Halle Berry is our poster star for age is just a number.

The support in the comment section was also so fun and refreshing to see. Julianne Moore wrote a funny statement, “Stop it. You’re killing me.” Even Jamie Foxx couldn’t resist commenting, writing a simple “🔥”

Honestly, we just want to know what Berry’s workout and beauty regimen is because we would kill for her legs and youthful-looking skin. After seeing Berry rock that bikini, we think 50 is the new 25. Let’s take one out of Berry’s book — it’s time we all rock what we’ve got.

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