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Ivanka Trump’s Husband Jared Kushner Wants to Be Donald Trump’s Favorite Son-in-Law, Not Advisor

Since Donald Trump left the White House in January, a lot of his close advisors have taken a step back from their association with the former president. One notable person who is distancing himself is son-in-law Jared Kushner. He is married to Ivanka Trump and took an unpaid senior advisor role during the four-year administration. After such a heavy presence in the White House, his absence from Trump’s side is glaringly obvious.

The New York Times is reporting that Kushner is telling close friends that his current focus is on writing a book about his time in the Middle East and the deals he brokered between Israel and Arab states. He prefers now to work on “establishing a simpler relationship” with his father-in-law. This hole in the Trump team as they focus on the 2022 midterm congressional elections and a possible 2024 presidential run allowed oldest son Donald Trump Jr. to step in.

This news doesn’t come as a surprise to Republican insiders, who reported to CNN back in March that Kushner was “checked out of politics” and “effectively done with Trump’s rhetoric.” The burnout from life in Washington, D.C., especially on the heels of a pandemic and the Capitol insurrection, is probably something Kushner didn’t expect when he came in as a political outsider to help his father-in-law run his administration. Another source told CNN. “The drama of politics wore him down. Eventually, Trump wears everyone down.”

That doesn’t mean Kushner isn’t continuing his relationship with Trump — it’s just not going to revolve around politics. He and his wife have joined the rest of the family down in Florida, where they are building a home on Miami’s Indian Creek, a super swanky island community nicknamed “Billionaire’s Bunker.” By allowing for a bit of space between his work and personal life, Kushner can hopefully just be a regular old son-in-law golfing with his father-in-law instead of having the pressure of being Trump’s closest political confidant.

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