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Piers Morgan’s Only Way to Stay in the News Is to Talk About Meghan Markle

Piers Morgan has found a really disgusting way to stay relevant by constantly criticizing Meghan Markle in the media. He’s already lost his job over the entire debacle, but apparently, he’s willing to double down on his hate campaign for anyone willing to listen. 60 Minutes Australia is the latest outlet to give him a sounding board and the inflammatory clip the show released is bound to add more fire to the feud.

The news series isn’t shying away from the dispute either — the tweet alone should have Sussex fans up in arms. “He duked it out with the duchess and famously got fired. Now, @PiersMorgan is back and taking his fight straight to the palace. SUNDAY on #60Mins, why the king of controversy refuses to be cancelled,” said the tweet. The video leans into every minute of Morgan’s attack on Meghan and shows him fanning the flames from the Oprah Winfrey interview, where she talked about the private ceremony the couple had before their wedding. “They were downright lies,” he said in the clip. “I don’t believe a word she says. That [ceremony] would make the Archbishop of Canterbury a criminal.”

But let’s remember that the TV personality no longer has a platform to spew his assault on the Duchess of Sussex. He lost his job at Good Morning Britain after childishly walking out on the air. In the clip, Morgan does confirm the rumor that Meghan called ITV to complain about his on-air verbal tirade, so perhaps this latest interview is a part of his revenge tour for losing his job? But let’s get real, the only reason he is staying relevant is because of this feud. If he stops talking about it, no one will listen to him.

The embattled TV host also claimed to The Sun last week that ITV has put out “some quite random third-party feelers” to see if he “would consider a return to the show.” But if the network really wanted him back, they have his phone number and they could just call and ask. Morgan is likely lost without a daily show and it appears he’s trying to figure out a way to worm his way back to everyone’s television screens — and he’s using Meghan’s star power to get there.

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