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Ben Affleck Is Teasing Us With These Photos of His Morning-After Grin Leaving Jennifer Lopez, Right?

The Ben Affleck-Jennifer Lopez romance is on — there’s no need to question whether this is just a friendship or something more. It’s at the point that Bennifer 2.0 can’t even hide their relationship because the paparazzi are outside their Los Angeles-area homes making sure they document every moment of their love.

It looks like one of their sleepovers this week took place in Lopez’s home because Affleck was spotted jumping into his car with bedhead and the morning face we all have before coffee. (OK, Dunkin’ Donuts, for Ben.) He didn’t look thrilled at first to have the photographers leaning their lenses into his vehicle, but he probably realized that giving them the shot that they wanted would make them go away. (See the photos on Page Six.)

The money shot isn’t his pre-caffeine grumpy face, it’s the mischievous grin he gives in the second shot. We get it, Ben, you are happy — and we are happy to see you happy. This latest sighting comes on the heels of their PDA-heavy date on Monday night, where they didn’t care who saw how much they were into each other.

It feels like Bennifer 2.0 picked up right in the middle of their love story, when they were engaged and living in a love bubble that no one could penetrate. It’s as if time has washed away all of the troubles they had at the end of their relationship and this second time around is even sweeter than the first. We are still waiting for that pink diamond engagement ring to make a reappearance — and we are wondering who has it? Did Lopez keep it in her jewelry box tucked away for safety? Did she return it to Affleck and he held on to it all of these years?

These are the pressing questions we need answers to as the couple heats up their romance just in time for the summer season.

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Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez

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