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Madonna’s Son David Banda Takes After Harry Styles in His Fabulous White Gown

When Madonna wrote her chart-topping hit “Vogue,” in 1989, she must have seen a vision of her son in the (then) future. Because the lyrics, “Strike a pose/Vogue/Let your body go with the flow” are remarkably reminiscent of Madonna’s most recent Instagram post, in which she shared an iconic video of her son, David Banda, modeling a gorgeous gown on the catwalk — I mean, in the hallway of their home.

“Confidence is Everything,” the Queen of Pop captioned the chic video of her trendy teenage son, who is seemingly well on his way to becoming King of Modeling. David, clearly feeling confident, dazzles in the floor-length dress designed by Mae Couture, who reposted the video to their own account. In fact, he looks like such a natural, we wouldn’t be surprised if this video got him a modeling contract. (Calling it now!)

But what we love most about Madonna sharing this video is how supportive and unashamed she is of David’s evolving style, whether it’s “conventionally acceptable” or not. (Plus, we all know Madonna’s no stranger to unconventionally bold fashion choices.) By proudly sharing the fashionable clip, Madonna is not only telling the world, but her son, that she unconditionally supports his identity and decisions, encouraging him to dress however he feels best — whether that’s a gorgeous gown, pajamas, or something in between.

We love seeing this kind of support from a parent and hope it inspires others to encourage their children just the same!

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