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President Joe Biden’s Emotional Memorial as He Marks the 6th Anniversary of Son Beau’s Death

May 30 is a date that never gets easier for the Biden family as they marked the sixth anniversary of son Beau Biden’s passing. President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden honored their late son with a memorial mass and a visit to his gravesite on Sunday morning at St. Joseph’s church in Wilmington, Delaware. They were joined by their daughter, Ashley, and Beau’s son Robert Hunter, 15, who reflected on their dear family member, who died of brain cancer in 2015 at the age of 46.

Later on in the day, the president made a personal note about Beau, who was a major in the Delaware Army National Guard and an Iraq War veteran, at his annual Memorial Day Service. “As many of you know this is a hard day for us. Six years ago today, Hunter lost his dad and I lost my son,” he said, via the Chicago Tribune. “If he were here, he would be here as well paying his respects to all those who gave so much for our country.”

His emotional speech continued, focusing on the fact that a “tough day” like today “brings everything back” regarding their loss of Beau. In honor of his late son, and the many military members who sacrificed so much for the United States, the president knew how important it was to show up to the event. “I can’t thank you enough for your continued service to the country,” he said to the families of fallen service members. “Your sons, your daughters, they live in your hearts and in their children as well. Thank you for allowing us to grieve together today.”

The Bidens have been open and honest about their grief and how painful it still is without Beau here. They made sure to honor him during his inauguration week in January and his photo is with him every day in the Oval Office. The passage of time hasn’t softened the blow for the First Family and it’s something the president thinks about now that he’s in the White House. He told his Delaware constituents in January, per People, “I only have one regret: He’s not here.”

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