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Tiger Woods Couldn’t Commit to Returning to Golf in His First Post-Crash Interview

Tiger Woods is finding his injury from his horrific February crash is taking everything out of him. Even as an elite athlete, who has weathered his fair share of injuries from the rigors of golf, this time around, it’s been “an entirely different animal,” he told Golf Digest in his first post-crash interview.

From his recent photo on social media with a young fan, it’s evident that he has a long way to go in his recovery. Woods is still using crutches to aid him and his right foot was wrapped in compression hose. This isn’t a simple R.I.C.E recovery (rest, ice, compression and elevation), this is major rehabilitation that he calls “more painful than anything I have ever experienced.” The Feb. 23 accident left him with open fractures to his fibula and tibia bones — ouch!

That leaves fans with the big question about when, if ever, he could return to the golf course, and it’s something that Woods isn’t ready to answer yet because he has bigger priorities at hand. “My physical therapy has been keeping me busy,” he explained to the sports publication. “I do my routines every day and am focused on my No. 1 goal right now: walking on my own Taking it one step at a time.”

Woods is still working out, but it’s only his upper body at this point. He was pleased to see that an April 23 Instagram photo gave him a little ego boost after enduring so many disappointments this year. He joked, “It’s funny because, in that photo, the crutches definitely make my shoulders look big!” It’s good to see the athlete’s sense of humor during such a challenging time. He may not be first for swinging a golf club just yet, but he’s got his eye on the prize of ditching those crutches as soon as possible.

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