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Ben Affleck May Have Been Holding On to This Jennifer Lopez Memento For 19 Years

It’s no doubt that the ’00s are back. Not just in fashion…but in relationships? The nostalgic buzz surrounding a potentially reunited Bennifer (Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck) has us all pretty excited. I don’t know about you, but COVID has us thinking about those “Jenny From The Block” days and it seems that Affleck is doing the same.  We may not know for sure, but in recent pictures from his trip with Lopez in Miami, Affleck is wearing a watch that looks very familiar…suspiciously close to the one he wore in the “Jenny From The Block” music video.

Lopez and Affleck have been spotted hanging out in many different places lately — first LA, then Montana, and now Miami. Affleck has been seen a few times at Lopez’s rental home in Miami, Florida and the photos from the trip caught our attention for numerous reasons. One, J. Lo looked so happy. And after the breakup Lopez has gone through with her ex-fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, and those infidelity rumors, we couldn’t be happier to see her smiling up a storm with Affleck. Second, Twitter fan account bennifer tea noticed that Affleck’s watch looks just like the one Lopez gave him in 2002.

Lazy loaded image
Ben Affleck MEGA.
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Ben Affleck in ‘Jenny From the Block’ Jennifer Lopez/YouTube.

Two, Affleck’s watch (pictured above). We knew it looked familiar and after going back to view the music video, we’re pretty certain it’s the same one. Affleck must be a total romantic. If he’s held onto it for this many years we can’t help but think that maybe he always hoped they’d reunite in some way. If that is the case, it looks like he got his wish.

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