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Paulina Porizkova Celebrates Son Oliver’s College Graduation While Honoring His Late Father Ric Ocasek

Paulina Porizkova is celebrating a major milestone in her youngest son’s life and she’s feeling rather bittersweet about the big moment. Oliver Ocasek, 23, graduated from the University of Rochester on Sunday, but it was pretty clear a very important family member was missing: his late father, Ric Ocasek.

The supermodel shared a photo of her proudly standing next to the graduate, who was decked out in a black cap and gown adorned with gold accents. Older brother, Jonathan Ocasek, 27, also happily joined in on the festivities with Oliver and his mother. Porizkova sent her “well-wishes and congratulations to everyone whose children are taking a big step into adulthood” in the caption of her post, but she also took a moment to honor her late ex-husband without ever naming him — we are just supposed to read between the lines.

“But my heart goes out to all of us who are attending such momentous occasions as graduations – with someone crucial missing,” she continued. “Their absence in these joyous occasions is probably even more keenly felt. They SHOULD be here. There is such a painfully felt hollow where they belong.” Even though The Cars frontman took her out of his will and left her penniless before their divorce was finalized, Porizkova harbors no ill feelings on such a monumental day. The couple was married for 28 years after separating in 2017; Ric died in 2019.

“Both of our boys graduated on time, with honors, after having the worst year and a half of their lives,” she concluded. “I’m so incredibly proud of them. And I know he is too. Together, we’ve raised some outstanding human beings. #proudmama #graduation #missingyou” The passage of time has probably softened the blow of their final years together and it’s days like this when she realizes how much she and her sons are missing with Ric gone.

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