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Ivanka Trump Is Taking a Move From Father Donald Trump’s Playbook in Inauguration Legal Case

As Donald Trump works his way through a series of legal cases after leaving the White House in January, several of his adult children, including Ivanka Trump, are also finding themselves involved due to their association with the Trump Organization. In one particular case regarding the misuse of inaugural funds back in 2017, Ivanka conveniently found a way to appear confused about one of her father’s longtime colleagues —  from the same company she worked for as an executive vice president since 2005.

She was deposed last December by the District of Columbia Attorney General’s Office and chose to make a move out of Donald’s playbook — deflect, deflect, deflect. The former senior White House advisor was asked a very simple question, “Who is Allen Weisselberg?” The simple answer, as tweeted by former senior advisor (and former friend) to Melania Trump, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, is, “Allen Weisselberg has been the Trump Organizations CFO and the Trump Family’s BOOKKEEPER since the 1970s.” Ivanka chose a shadier answer in the deposition, appearing confused as to his role within the corporation.

“He is the — I would have to see what his, his — I don’t know his exact title, but he’s an executive at the company,” she said to the investigator. Not only did Weisselberg work for Ivanka’s grandfather, Fred Trump, he controlled her father’s finances and he appeared several times on Celebrity Apprentice. Even Donald’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen seems to agree that Ivanka learned a thing or two from her dad.

“Donald taught @IvankaTrump well…I don’t know, I wasn’t there, Allen who?, it was someone else’s fault,” he tweeted. “Soon they will all answer for their own dirty deeds!” As someone who worked intimately with  the former president for 12 years, Cohen has been predicting jail time for many members of the Trump family. He recently told MSNBC’s Joy Reid, “I do have to say that my credibility, I believe, is going to end up getting Donald, Don Jr., Ivanka, Jared, Eric, Weisselberg, his kids, some orange jumpsuits.”

The Washington, D.C. inquiry is different from the New York State and Manhattan attorney generals’ criminal investigation into the Trump Organization. In New York, they are hoping to get Weisselberg to cooperate with authorities and help take the pressure of their additional research into his personal taxes. This possible power move is likely why Ivanka wanted to feign ignorance when it came to how important of a role Weisselberg played in the Trump Organization for decades. The family has been able to slip by many of their misdeeds over the years, but they may not be able to outrun the law this time around.

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