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Armie Hammer Got a Message of Support From This A-List Actor Amid Recent Rape Allegations

Warning: This post contains descriptions of sexual violence.

Armie Hammer has been sitting the whole acting thing out these past few months as he hides out in the Cayman Islands and waits for the legal repercussions of the ongoing LAPD investigation into rape allegations against him, formalized back in March after exes Paige Lorenze, Courtney Vucekovich, and a woman named Effie each came forward alleging the actor had displayed coercive, violent behavior in their relationships. While only Effie’s allegation rose to the level of rape, other women described him as manipulative and emotionally abusive and confessed to going through with sex acts they wished they hadn’t. Thus far, while Hammer and his representatives have strenuously denied all allegations, no one has come forward to stand by him as his agent, publicist, and two upcoming projects all dropped him in quick succession. But Josh Duhamel, who took over Hammer’s role in upcoming film Shotgun Wedding, apparently felt the actor deserved a word of support.

Shotgun Wedding, co-starring Jennifer Lopez, recently wrapped filming in the Dominican Republic. The news broke that Hammer had been dropped from the project this January, at which time Hammer made his first comments on the allegations, calling them “bullsh*t claims” and claiming he was turning down the role because he couldn’t leave his kids:  “In light of the vicious and spurious online attacks against me, I cannot in good conscience now leave my children for 4 months to shoot a film in the Dominican Republic,” he told Variety.

But Duhamel’s recent interview with Man About Town seems to confirm that Hammer was dropped from the project due to the growing scandal around his name.

“It’s not how I like to get roles,” he admitted to the outlet. “I know Armie [Hammer] a little bit, and when I knew I was gonna get the part I emailed him and said, ‘Listen, I know you are going through it right now, I don’t like to get roles like this and I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you and good luck, get through it.’ He emailed me right back and said thank you so who knows, hopefully he gets through it.”

It’s hard to say what exactly Duhamel is hoping for when he says he hopes that Hammer “gets through it” — and while we understand not enjoying the feeling of profiting off someone else’s misfortune, we’d hope that Duhamel’s sympathies ultimately lie with Hammer’s alleged victims, whose accounts have broken our hearts these past few months.

In March, Effie gave a Zoom press conference with lawyer Gloria Allred in which she detailed her allegation against Hammer: “On April 24, 2017, Armie Hammer violently raped me for over four hours in Los Angeles, during which he repeatedly slapped my head against a wall bruising my face. He also committed other acts of violence against me to which I did not consent.”

Hammer’s lawyer Andrew Brettler denied Effie’s claims categorically to SheKnows at the time, stating: “From day one, Mr. Hammer has maintained that all of his interactions with [Effie] — and every other sexual partner of his for that matter — have been completely consensual, discussed and agreed upon in advance, and mutually participatory.”

If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual assault, harassment or violence, you can get help. To speak with someone who is trained to help with these situations, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.HOPE (4673) or chat online at

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