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Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez’s Vacation For Two Just Confirmed Our Wildest Bennifer Dreams

What is it about the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez era that makes us so excited that Bennifer is officially back? We know the first time around ended in heartache for the multi-talented performer, but with the Gone Girl star working hard on his sobriety over the last years and both of them currently single — we are ready for the Bennifer sequel. That’s why we haven’t been able to focus on anything else since we found out that these two went on a private vacation together shortly after filming their Vax Live appearances — and as friendly as they may be, it’s hard to read this as anything but a romantic reunion.

The buzz about the reunion of the Gigli co-stars revolves around their weeklong getaway to the Yellowstone Club in Montana, where they jetted off immediately after their separate appearances (we knew this would happen!) at the Vax Live concert, which was filmed live last week. While the duo has been spotted individually in Los Angeles trying to dodge paparazzi while going to Lopez’s home, they maintained they were in the friend zone. That line was pretty hard to believe, given Affleck’s praise of his ex in a recent InStyle cover issue.

According to an E! News source, it was Affleck, who reached out first to the former World of Dance judge. They realized that “the chemistry is unreal” and they easily “picked up where they last left off.” It’s hard to believe that 17 years have gone by since the Bennifer phenomenon took over Hollywood, but we are excited they are back for a second round — as long Affleck doesn’t mess it up again.

Their 2002 coupling was quickly followed by a much-hyped engagement with an enormous 6.1-carat pink solitaire diamond by Harry Winston. They called off their September 2003 wedding just days before the ceremony amid Affleck’s cheating allegations, but they lingered as a pair until they officially split in early 2004. Lopez called the breakup her “first big heartbreak” to the Today Show in 2014, so she was still thinking about it a decade later — and it seems like Affleck was, too.

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