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Norman Reedus’ Mother’s Day Tribute to Ex Helena Christensen Proves How Well These Exes Get Along

Mother’s Day this year proved to be a complete love fest with men sharing their gratitude for all of the generations of women who have raised them. One of the sweetest trends was dads making sure they honored their exes on this special day — just like Norman Reedus did with former girlfriend Helena Christensen.

They dated for five years beginning in 1998 and the relationship produced the supermodel’s only child, son Mingus, in 1999. After they split in 2003, Reedus and Christensen have been low-key supporting each other on social media. This year was no different as The Walking Dead star stepped up to the plate by mentioning current partner (and the mother of Mingus’ half-sister) Diane Kruger, Christensen and his mom in an Instagram post. He wrote, “ur little girl couldn’t have asked for a better momma. ❤️u rabbit @dianekruger happy Mother’s Day to you babe. And to @helenachristensen and to my momma. And all the mommas. Happy Mother’s Day 🥂” The black-and-white shot was of Kruger and Reedus walking on the beach with their dog (see here).

Their smooth relationship as exes is something we’ve seen before. When Mingus turned 20 in 2019, both parents commented on each other’s posts about their son. Christensen dropped a comment on Reedus’ post, writing, “Our baby boy is a young man and I love him more than anything.” And Kruger shared some love on Christensen’s post for Mingus with heart emojis — there’s just no drama to be found, everyone gets along.

And that only benefits Mingus, who gets to enjoy both sides of his family no matter who he is spending time with. It’s great to see so many celebrities realizing it’s about the kids and co-parenting amicably  — there’s no need to make a soap opera out of a former relationship.

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