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Jennifer Aniston Throws Her Head Back & Hits a Power Pose in This Rare Glammed Up Photo

Jennifer Aniston is finally fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and ready to get back out there, but she’s taking a moment to think beyond herself before she hurtles forward into The Morning Show season 2, the upcoming Friends reunion, and whatever else “back to normal” might look like for the star. In a rare Instagram post that captured Aniston throwing her head back, striking a pose, and really just feeling herself, Aniston expresses gratitude for the vaccine while pushing for greater equity in vaccine access worldwide. And somehow the actress guessed that posting such a stunning photo of herself would force people to pause and pay attention.

“Fully vaccinated and it feels soooo good 🎶💪🏼 ,” Aniston wrote under the fierce new photo (see photo HERE). We are extremely lucky and privileged to have access to Covid-19 vaccines in the U.S. right now. Unfortunately, that’s not the case everywhere… and as we know, the health of one of us affects all of us. Thinking about those who do not or will not have the opportunity to get vaccinated and hug their friends and family.”

Aniston isn’t the only star who’s been pushing for better global access the COVID-19 vaccines, with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently asking for donations to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance in honor of Archie’s birthday and Harry (along with stars like Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, and more) giving a speech at star-studded Vax Live concert to promote awareness of and access to the vaccine.

With the wide availability of the vaccine in America, it seems celebrities have moved on from advocating for safety practices that will help prevent the spread at home and are now looking beyond our borders to a world that’s still a long way from out of the woods. Many have strong thoughts about celebrities venturing outside their areas of expertise, but when it comes to global health crises, we’ll always be glad to have these influential voices joining the cause.

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