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Halle Berry Just Gave an Important Update on Her Shocking Oscars Bob Haircut

When Halle Berry debuted a dramatic bob haircut at the Oscars red carpet it divided fans into those that were pro-bob and those who decidedly not. I’ll admit, I wasn’t exactly head over heels her new look but I mean, it’s Halle Berry after all — is there really any look she can’t pull off?! Even Berry got in on the fun on Twitter and had a laugh about the reaction her ultra-short new hairstyle had caused online. So you can imagine our surprise when we found out that the joke was on us and Berry’s look was actually just a temporary thing. Yep, the actress shared a snap on Instagram smiling with her long locks still intact, meaning that her controversial Oscars do was probably the result of a carefully placed wig. See for yourself:

“Oscar bob…just kidding 😂,” Berry captioned her post alongside a gorgeous selfie where she flashes a smile.

While many fans in the comments wrote something along the lines of “thank god,” others commented that her Oscars haircut was proof Berry can pull off any look — which is the only correct take. “😂… Some people were being really negative about the bob! LIL DID THEY KNOW!😂😂😂 SHE COULD PULL ANY LOOK OFF…🥰,” one comment read.

Another user chimed in to say, “Even if you weren’t I can’t understand why people tripped so hard. Don’t they know they don’t get a vote? Personally I loved it, edgy and super cute.❤️.” Long or short hair, the Oscar award-winning actress is an absolute stunner — all of the time.

After sharing the photo, Berry took to Twitter to write a message for her fans, “love you guys and your memes. xx.”

We love that Berry doesn’t take herself too seriously and is able to poke fun with the internet every once in a while. Ultimately, Berry’s Oscars 2021 look was seen by just about everyone and got people talking, and we’re willing to bet that’s exactly what she meant for it do.

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