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Sarah Michelle Gellar Hasn’t Aged a Day Since Buffy in This Stunning New Bikini Photo

It’s been 24 years since Buffy the Vampire Slayer graced our screens for the first time, but you wouldn’t know it by taking a look at Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar’s recent post. Yep, now that bright and warmer days are becoming more of a regular occurrence, Gellar has been enjoying some time soaking up the sun in the most fabulous of ways. Yesterday, the mom of two took to Instagram to share that she would be taking some much need me-time away from her kids and embarked on a relaxing vacation. And just in case you’re wondering how that’s been going, Gellar posted a quick pic of herself in a black string bikini looking as stunning as ever. Seriously, how is it that she looks just as amazing as she did decades ago?!

“Yup… I remember how to do this,” Gellar captioned her post. She added, “(I was actually concerned I wouldn’t remember how to relax but thankfully it’s like riding a bike).” Turns out, taking a jaw-droppingly steamy pic also comes naturally for Gellar.

This whole picture gives off big don’t call, don’t text I’m-on-vacation vibes and we love that Gellar is enjoying her time away from home. In the post, Gellar can be seen standing chest-deep in an empty pool as she flashes a gentle smile with her eyes closed. Gellar’s vacation looks so serene, and with no people in the background, it looks like she has the whole place booked for herself.

Since Gellar didn’t exactly share more details, we’re left with a couple of questions. Namely, where is this dreamy location and how do we achieve this level of peace?!

Also, we’re wondering who took this picture of the blonde beauty… is her hubby Freddie Prinze Jr. on the trip with her, or has Gellar learned the art of self-timer pics? Looks like we’ll just have to keep an eye out for more of Gellar’s vacay pics to find out!

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