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Kanye West Is Reportedly Annoyed People Think It Was Kim Kardashian’s Idea to Get Divorced

Ever since news leaked that Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West back in January, reports have shown how much of a turn their once-ideal marriage has taken. Months later, whispers that the former couple is currently not on the best of terms have continued, though both West and Kardashian have prioritized their newfound co-parenting duties. For West, however, there’s one detail of the news surrounding their pending divorce that just isn’t sitting right with him — and it’s that fans think it was Kardashian’s idea to get divorced instead of the other way around.

Per a Page Six source, the musician is “super annoyed that the story is being constantly presented as her divorcing him.” The insider also pointed out that part of this is due to the Kardashian family’s “huge spin machine” that controls how the KarJenners are perceived by the public.

As for how things actually played out, the source claimed that it was West who wanted to call it quits first. “Actually it was him saying for a year that they have nothing in common except the kids and he wanted out,” the source explained.

Kardashian, however, wasn’t willing to end their marriage without a proper fight.  When that failed, apparently, West let Kardashian be the one to file for divorce first “in order to give her dignity,” the source added.

It’s no secret that the Kardashians like being in control of what gets shared with the public versus what they choose to keep hidden; but does it really matter whose idea it was to get divorced first? We know that both parents are making sure their four kids’ best interests are at play, and we can’t imagine that fixating on this insignificant detail is beneficial for any of the parties involved. It just seems petty.

Ultimately, there are more important things to worry about as they navigate their new separate lives, and this isn’t one of them.

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