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Jessica Alba Is a Little Too Eager About Her Right to Speak to a Manager Here

Never did I ever expect Jessica Alba to come out as a secret “Karen,” and yet, here we are! It all started when The Honest Company founder played a round of “Never Have I Ever” with some of her fellow A-list stars, including Emma Corrin, Kelly Sawyer, Kelly Rowland, and Cecily Strony, during Vanity Fair‘s latest “The Vanity Fair Cocktail Hour, Live” virtual charity game night. Well, as most game nights go when you add a bit of booze into the mix, confessions started spilling left and right. When the group was asked, “Never have I ever asked to speak to the manager,” Alba gave a surprising answer to the question.

Per Page Six, Alba responded to the posed question in an unexpected and slightly eager way. While the rest of the celeb lineup cringed and responded less than enthusiastically to the imaginary scenario, Alba responded, “I can’t wait to speak to the manager!” The Fantastic Four star was the only one who took a sip of her drink after she answered.

“No, I haven’t done,” The Crown star Emma Corrin responded, adding: “I’m really bad at conflict.” Kelly Sawyer jumped in seeming equally uncomfortable and said, “Same here, too Canadian for that.”

Even SNL star Cecily Strong joked that she too would not be caught speaking to a manager. “Yeah everything’s my fault no matter what, let’s start there,” Strong said. “I’m the manager who needs to be spoken to.”

Okay, we’re assuming this was the actress having some fun with everyone, and we certainly wouldn’t associate Alba with actually being a “Karen” for real. We’re betting that the actress — who has admitted that she actually answers customer service calls at her own company — doesn’t actually feel entitled to demand customer service from a manager when she’s out shopping IRL.

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