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Alex Rodriguez Made a Jaw-Dropping Public Bid For Jennifer Lopez to Take Him Back

Oh, Alex Rodriguez, this might not be your best look in the middle of your breakup with Jennifer Lopez. The former baseball star shared a very emotional Instagram Story that definitely looked like a public bid to win his ex-fiancée back. He needs to give Lopez a moment to breathe, especially when the public statement just dropped on Thursday morning.

The video zooms in on framed photos of the couple and their kids, perhaps showing the life they built together — two families coming together as one. It seems sweet and sentimental for someone nursing tender feelings, but Rodriguez got a bit extra by having a box of tissues conveniently placed amid the photos. The camera then scans over to a framed image of their names in a heart drawn in the sand while Coldplay’s “Fix You” plays in the background. If that wasn’t enough, he made sure she saw the post by tagging her in a heart emoji. It’s a head scratcher.

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Alex Rodriguez’s 4/14/21 Instagram story tagging Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez/Instagram

Now we feel for anyone going through a breakup because the days are endless and the pain is real — and it’s worse when everyone is watching you go through it. But Rodriguez’s drama feels a little too “look at me” in this situation. Does he want Lopez back or does he want to make sure the media covers every single post of his for the next month? Does he miss Lopez behind closed doors or does he miss Lopez the superstar? That’s why we are a bit skeptical about his Instagram Story, it just feels so desperate and inauthentic.

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Alex Rodriguez’s 4/14/21 Instagram story tagging Jennifer Lopez. Alex Rodriguez/Instagram.

Sure, Lopez loves grand gestures, but it all feels too forced to really be a meaningful way to win his girl back. It makes him look like he got dumped, and it’s not the same message that their joint statement delivered. “We have realized we are better as friends and look forward to remaining so,” read the press release on the Today Show. So our advice to Rodriguez is to take care of himself and don’t wallow in Lopez memories. If she’s supposed to come back to you, she will — but the mopey Instagram Story isn’t going to help your win-her-back campaign. Next time, try texting her.

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