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Sharon Osbourne Shares Apology She Sent to Sheryl Underwood — & Slams Her For Lying

In an episode of The Talk, back in March, Sharon Osbourne took it upon herself to publicly support her friend Piers Morgan amid his exit from Good Morning Britain when he said he didn’t believe Meghan Markle was actually suicidal or that she had experienced racial abuse during her time as a royal member. When her now-former co-host Sheryl Underwood tearfully attempted to educate Osbourne on why Morgan’s comments were inherently racist, Osbourne snapped at her co-host for crying and said that if anyone should cry, it should be her. Osbourne soon after received tremendous backlash for her comments and it was subsequently reported by CBS that Osbourne would be leaving the show after a history of the host’s own racial slurs came to light. Underwood has since shared that she and Osbourne have not spoken and that Osbourne has yet to apologize, but Osbourne isn’t going down without a fight — and she’s dug up their texts to refute Underwood’s claims.

Underwood spoke about her discussion with Osbourne on her podcast, in an episode titled “Sharon Walks Away.” That’s where she shared that her former co-host never reached out to apologize. In response, Osbourne has shared screenshots of her three texts to Underwood to the Daily Mail, which read: “Sheryl, My heart is heavy and I’m deeply saddened by the events that transpired on Wednesday. I don’t want to lose my true friend over this. I’m sorry for telling you to f**k off during break, I’m sorry for accusing you of fake crying while we were live on air and I’m sorry for losing my temper with you.”

She continued to write that she felt “shocked, scared and saddened” by their debate, which she says felt like a “blind sided attack.” She added: “You know me. You know how I’ve always had your back. We’ve outlasted everyone on this show and that’s because we’ve always been a team and had each other’s backs.”

Towards the end of her message, she offered to hop on the phone to try and patch up their relationship. She signed off writing “love and respect always — Sharon.” Underwood never responded but three days later, Osbourne reached out again. She wrote: “I know you’re taking space and I don’t want to disrespect that. I’m just reaching out because I want you [to] know I’m thinking about you. If you are willing, can we talk before Wednesday?”

Just like the first text, this second one went unanswered. In her final text, Osbourne said: “Sheryl I am thinking about you. Hope you are well. Sending my love.”

In addition to these shared screenshots, Osbourne told the publication that she also apologized to Underwood in person in her dressing room. “Why are you saying I never apologized, Sheryl? What are you trying to do to me? Why are you trying to destroy my reputation? Just be honest. Tell me,” Osbourne said.

We’re glad to see that it appears like Osbourne did reach out with an apology, because Underwood deserved it. But if Osbourne sincerely wanted her forgiveness, we’re guessing this latest move won’t exactly calm the waters.

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