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Martha Stewart Admits That Pool Selfie Shook Up Her Dating Life

We all remember the smoking hot selfie of Martha Stewart in her pool last July, right? That thirst-trap picture not only reminded us of how sexy the living expert is, but it also helped her dating life tremendously — even though she didn’t need any help to begin with.

Stewart gave the lowdown on her current dating status on Friday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show after guest host Howie Mandel asked her if she went on a lot of “Zoom dates” as a result of her poolside photo. Her answer is straight-up Martha, she’s too busy being a queen. “I got so many proposals and so many propositions, but I had to ignore all of them,” the 79-year-old told Mandel. “I’m a very busy person.”

Stewart can’t be bothered to date right now. She’s got tables to decorate, floral bouquets to arrange and croissants to bake — that’s what makes her so great. Her work is impeccable, but everyone is still thirsting for a bite of her. That doesn’t mean she isn’t looking to set more traps — it’s become a mission for her. “I didn’t know what a ‘thirst trap’ was, but now I do. Now I’m looking for the next thirst trap,” she told People last fall. “I love doing those promiscuous, provocative things, because it’s just fun.”

The former model is the total package — stunning, smart and quick-witted, it’s no wonder her dating life went off the charts. It’s going to take a very specific gentleman to catch her eye and he hasn’t done it yet. So keep trying, guys, maybe you will get the opportunity to be entertained by Stewart or just teased by another one of her flirtatious traps.

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