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Halle Berry Snuggles Up With Her Daughter Nahla & Son Maceo in This Rare Beach Photo

At age 54, Halle Berry is able to set the terms of her life in ways few women can, and one of those terms has been keeping her two kids, daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry and son Maceo Robert Martinez, out of the spotlight. While the Oscar-winning actress may be more than happy to share her workout snaps, relationship updates, and latest glam with her adoring fans, she recognizes like most celeb moms that her kids didn’t make the same call to be out there in the public eye, so she’s kept them out of it until they can decide for themselves. As a result, we’ve seen precious few photos of Berry spending time with her kids over the years, and even fewer full family moments like the one the actress shared this week on Instagram, where she’s seen cuddling Nahla and Maceo in a quiet moment on the beach. It’s the kind of intimate pic she’s kept out of the public eye for years, and our hearts are melting at this moment of motherly love.

Berry shares 13-year-old daughter Nahla with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, whom she dated off and on from 2006 to 2010, and 7-year-old Maceo with ex-husband Olivier Martinez, from whom she split in 2015. In both cases, Berry was only with the father of her child for a few years after their birth, and currently has shared custody of her kids with her exes, recently making news for public complaints about the $16,000 in child support she pays Aubry each month — a fund she claims is far in excess of what’s required for their child’s welfare and has instead allegedly enabled Aubry to remain unemployed.

“The moments that matter most…” Berry captions this sweet snap with her kids, and boyfriend Van Hunt has recently confirmed that Berry’s family time includes a daily ritual in which they “get together and have just a small acknowledgment of the day,” enjoying a moment of presence and togetherness. It looks like Berry may have shared a peek into a similar moment, and she’s so right that those are the moments that matter most.

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