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Beyoncé’s Twins Rumi & Sir Have Grown So Much in These Rare New Photos

The queen of cryptic Instagrams has struck once again, but we don’t need too many clues to crack the code in Beyoncé’s latest. The mom of three has been highly private about her kids’ lives, a stark change from, for example, her artistic, highly public reveals of each of her pregnancies, first at the 2011 VMAs and then in a photoshoot reveal that became the most-liked Instagram image of 2017. Beyoncé and Jay-Z Carter’s eldest daughter Blue Ivy Carter has increasingly appeared in the media not because Bey and Jay have loosened their privacy concerns, but because her accomplishments — like her first Grammy win at 9-years-old — demand it, but 3-year-old twins Rumi and Sir Carter have stayed shrouded in mystery throughout their young lives. In a new set of photos posted today, Beyoncé is giving a super-rare glimpse at what her two youngest look like now, and wow, Blue’s little sibs have seriously grown up.

Beyoncé didn’t include a caption on her photos, because everyone hates writing a caption and Beyoncé knows she’s Beyoncé and doesn’t have to (just speculating). The first photo is mom and daughter Blue, who we’re pretty sure is holding the camera to snap the selfie too. Next up, we see Rumi: a regal little lady walking out on the shore towards the sea in a ruffly pastel dress, her hair up in two buns. In picture #4, mom Bey reaches for little Sir’s hand, who’s also looking out at the ocean (see photos here).

Lazy loaded image
Beyoncé, Blue Ivy Carter, Tina Knowles AP.

With Beyoncé for scale (bear with me), and the knowledge that Beyoncé is 5 feet, 7 inches tall, we can estimate that our little buddy Sir is around 3 feet tall already. The Carters, they are a-changing! Next thing we know, they’ll be posing in prom photos, or with the board of directors from their first Fortune 500 company — it’s hard to say which will come first, but we’ll never stop keeping up with Bey and Jay’s empire as the next generation grows up.

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