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Serena Williams Gave Us a Home Tour & Her Kitchen Is Martha Stewart Heaven

Serena Williams has perfected the Martha Stewart home decor vibe and we are here for it. The tennis star shared an insider’s view of her home and garden in a new Bumble video and we are dying over the neutral tones and calming feel to her home. It’s the perfect fit for the superstar athlete who is always on the go and it makes so much sense to have a place that gives off the feeling of serenity.

From the cozy couch in her living room where she gets a COVID-safe manicure to the stunning bedroom where she packs her suitcase, we have house envy from the video clip. As the camera follows her from room to room, the Olympian reveals answers to a series of questions. Even though Williams’ talents are larger than life, she admitted she is not a very spontaneous personality. “Oh, I love a good routine ’cause it makes me organized,” she said. “I love being organized.” We know Stewart would approve Williams’ tidy home.

It’s the details that we noticed in each shot from the sophisticated tea set with the honey jar and gorgeous trivet in the kitchen to the clothing rack filled with designer clothing to help keep her suitcase packing on track — it’s straight out of a magazine. Of course, the finishing touch is a stroll in her garden, where she stops to do a little artwork. Williams makes it feel like a day in the French countryside. We couldn’t be more envious.

Of course, Williams is quick to admit that life isn’t perfect — even though it looks like it in the video. We also appreciate her candor about her marriage to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian revealing that “marriage is not bliss, but it can be if you work at it.” She’s just like all of us in that respect, trying to balance work inside and outside the home. She may have more tools to make that process easier, but we all have to put in the work to keep a relationship healthy and thriving. Now if we could only be thriving in that gorgeous garden of hers.

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