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‘Men in Kilts’ Recap: Sam Heughan & Graham McTavish Have an ‘Outlander’ Reunion

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Men in Kilts, Episode 6, “Scotland by Land, Air and Sea.”

Ahhh Scotland, it couldn’t be more beautiful. From mountains to lochs, it’s home to the highlands, lowlands, and many islands. It’s where Outlander has filmed for the last seven years. It’s also where Sam Heughan has tried to murder Graham McTavish several times — and most of those times are shown in this episode of Men in Kilts. This episode also brings us an Outlander reunion at Loch Ness with Gary Lewis, who played Colum MacKenzie, Jamie’s uncle and Dougal’s brother. Before the episode began, fans were treated to a special sneak peek of behind-the-scenes filming of Outlander Season 6, with Caitríona Balfe, Sophie Skelton, Richard Rankin, Lauren Lyle, César Domboy, John Bell, and a slew of new characters.

Two men on two-wheelers

The episode opens with Sam and Graham looking mighty dapper on bicycles. Did my grandmother just write this line? It’s true though, they are classy, bougie, bike riders, complete with tweed, scarves, and hats. The bike ride takes a turn, though, and suddenly they’re no longer joyously riding but are walking their bikes uphill — and they’re climbing the wrong hill.

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Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish Starz/Robert Wilson

As Sam and Graham head out in their swaggy camper van, the midges return. And, of course, they attack Sam. He tries to punch the midges and Graham screams, “There’s one on your balls.” Just one friend looking out for another friend. (Or trying to get said friend to punch his… well you know).

Outlander fam reunion

Sam and Graham stroll to the water’s edge of Loch Ness, when the notorious Colum MacKenzie rows up. Or rather Gary Lewis, the man who brought Colum to life in Outlander Seasons 1 and 2. Sam and Graham greet Gary the way Seinfeld greeted Newman. “Gary,” Sam says unexcitedly. Then the first Outlander flashback drops. The scene where Colum is yelling at Dougal and Jamie. Gary’s cameo is brief. Sort of wish they spent a little more time with the three of them chatting. Before you know it, they’re at the top of a mountain overlooking the Quiraing.

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Gary Lewis, Caitríona Balfe and Graham McTavish Starz

Sam and Graham go swimming

Graham follows Sam into a not-hot spring. Sam’s in a bathing suit. Graham is wearing a long sleeve shirt and looks miserable. Sam steps into the water and is attacked by more midges. Cold water and midges, the Sam Heughan story. They both leap into the freezing water and scream, but Sam gets used to it and seems like he’s genuinely enjoying his polar plunge. Graham not so much. He has a mild meltdown. Twitter fan @Frasersridgebr captured it best.

Sam and Graham fly on a tiny seaplane

They take off in a seaplane and head to the highlands. They arrive at the top of a kilt rock, where they meet Matt, who’s going to teach them how to abseil or rapel down the mountainside. Graham reveals he’s afraid of heights. Sam says he thinks this will help him overcome his fear. Before they get started, Sam asks Matt if people ever abseil in kilts. Matt says it wouldn’t be wise. An observant Twitter fan @calicat58551254 pointed out that Sam had abseiled in a kilt in Outlander Season 1’s episode,The Reckoning.”

Graham’s up first and he is scared. I am scared. We are all scared. Except for Sam. Sam is happy. He delights in Graham’s fear of heights. Graham asks, “Will this involve me having to look at Sam’s ass?” And then they dropped an Outlander flashback of the wedding when Claire checks out Jamie’s butt. Okay, Men in Kilts, excellent use of flashback. In fact, I was just about to comment how this episode was extremely light on Outlander flashbacks, and then they go and do this. No ifs, ands or buts (butts?), this was well played. Speaking of, both Gary and Sam have bared their bums on Outlander. And Claire was involved each time. One for medical reasons and one for marital reasons. Sorry! She likes Scottish butts, she cannot lie.

“Any famous last words?” Sam asks Graham as he’s about to start. “Shut up,” Graham says. Sam looks happier than anyone in the entire world, watching with glee as Graham dangles by a rope off the mountain whilst having a full-on panic attack. This is extremely stressful to watch. “I actually feel really bad,” Sam admits. Lies, Sam. Your smile says otherwise. Graham survives. Sam’s up next. “So annoying how chirpy you are,” Graham tells him. When Sam comes back up, they have a cute, adorable hug.

Sam revealed that this was his favorite episode of the season, and we can see why. The locations are breathtaking. One of the best things about this show is Sam and Graham’s genuine love and knowledge of Scotland. Since none of us can travel right now, Men in Kilts is the next best thing. And nobody loves Scotland more than Sam. He’ll even fight you about it — in gifs. Correct. Gifs. The man knows how to gif.

At the end of the episode, Sam talks about being naked on stage for the first time with mom watching in the front row. Graham says he had a similar experience with his dad, who told him after the show, “There was no need for that, Graham.” Imagine Graham’s dad watching Outlander. So many butts.

Outlander season 6 sneak peek

There are only two more episodes of Men in Kilts left. Luckily, we got an Outlander behind-the-scenes season 6 trailer, which shows drama (of course, it’s Outlander) for Claire, Jamie, Fergus, Marsali, Brianna, and Roger. And we cannot wait. This is the longest Droughtlander in history. History.

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