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Heidi Klum’s Daughter Leni Klum Could Not Look More Like Her Model Mom in These New Selfies

How time flies! 16 years ago, Heidi Klum and ex Flavio Briatore welcomed baby daughter Leni Klum, who went on to be adopted by stepdad Seal. Today, baby Leni is out in the world as a teen model, kicking off her own career and taking the world by storm at this year’s Berlin Fashion Week. While Leni undoubtedly brings her own Gen Z flavor to the modeling world, it doesn’t hurt that she’s inherited her supermodel mom’s genes to a tee — as in, to the point where we can barely tell these two apart. Heidi and daughter Leni posted a couple of no make-up car selfies earlier today and it’s completely ridiculous how this gorgeous lady more or less grew her own mini-me.

Hmm, do you think those two are related? Heidi kept the caption simple, addressing questions we had like, “is there a ‘sunlight’ filter on this photo that I can also use?” or “they definitely retouched their skin to look like that, right”?

“All NATURAL,” Heidi writes. “#motherdaughter #nofilter #noretouching #inthecarselfie.”

With their long golden manes of hair, heart-shaped faces, and dark, arching brows, the only difference between this mother-daughter duo might be Leni’s baby blues to her mom’s hazel eyes, but honestly, we’re grateful that there’s still some way to tell them apart. As Leni hits ever more runways, Heidi Klum’s legacy in the supermodel world is definitely secure. Leni’s legacy, however, is just beginning.

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