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Tiger Woods Has Reunited With His Children After Near-Deadly Car Crash

Tiger Woods is back at home in recovery after spending weeks in the hospital following his Los Angeles single-vehicle car crash. Woods’ accident required frightening emergency surgery, but friends of the golf legend — as well as Woods himself — have said that he is feeling much better. During his time at the hospital, Woods reportedly didn’t want his two children, Charlie Axel and Sam Alexis, to visit him in order to protect them from the extent of his injuries. But now that Woods has returned home, it seems the family has finally been reunited.

“He has spent some time with his kids,” a source told People. “They stayed in touch while he was in the hospital, but he was excited to see them in person.”

For Woods, reuniting with his children while he was hospitalized was something he wanted to avoid. A source previously told HollywoodLife that he was worried about his children seeing him in his condition saying, “He feels that it would be too dramatic for them to see their dad hurt. He’s reassured them that he’s getting better each day and everything’s going to be all right. Everyone’s taking things day by day.”

As for how Woods is doing in recovery, the insider told People, “Tiger is happy to be back home. He is still recovering and has some pain, but he is in good spirits.”

The source added: “He is focused on his continued recovery. There is a rehabilitation plan that he is focused on. He knows he is very lucky to be alive. He appreciates that he has access to great medical care. He has a great attitude and is just focused on his recovery.”

We can only imagine that being reunited with his children is helping keep Woods’ spirits up — and we’re wishing him well on his road to recovery.

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