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Chrissy Teigen’s Sexy Topless Photoshoot Had a Surprise Guest

We never know what to expect from Chrissy Teigen’s social media accounts, but she won the internet today with a totally relatable mom moment — kids crashing into the room while you are trying to get dressed. While not every mom is a model at a fashion shoot (we haven’t taken off our sweatpants in a year), it’s nice to see that we have something in common with Teigen.

The adorable photo shows the mom of two topless, wearing only shapewear on her bottom half, black platform heels, and gold jewelry to accessorize her half-naked outfit. Her hair and makeup are perfect because… well, she’s Chrissy Teigen? And maybe she was preparing for a photo shoot instead of lounging around at home? The best part of the picture is the little scene-stealer, son Miles, 2, who is hugging his mom’s legs while looking every bit the tiny twin of dad, John Legend.

Also…the caption: Mom knows she’s being upstaged despite her state of undress as she lovingly looks down at her toddler. Teigen hilariously captioned the photo, “please move, mommy is trying to be thirsty.” If you know her self-deprecating sense of humor, you are definitely in on the joke.

Teigen is probably going to get a taste of her own medicine as Miles and his big sis, Luna, 4, get older. They seem to share the same mischievous personality that the Cravings founder is known for. She already admitted that little Miles is “insane” when he was about a year old. “I thought he’d be a little John [Legend], and I thought he’d be very chill, romantic and lovey — but no,” she joked to US Weekly. “He’s insane. You just never know!”

What we do know is that Teigen is doing her best to raise two tiny humans while juggling her growing Cravings empire. She might make it look a little more glamorous than the rest of us, but we know she shares the same parenting struggles at the end of the day.

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