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Alec Baldwin’s Alleged Parking Lot Punch Is Going to Trial

The ongoing saga of Alec Baldwin’s legal case over a parking spot is going to trial, but you might need a scorecard to figure out who’s winning right now. The whole mess began on Nov. 2, 2018, when the former 30 Rock star battled Wojciech Cieszkowski for an elusive Manhattan parking spot in front of his 10th Street home. It’s not easy to have a car in the city, but these two took it to the next level with their petty fight.

Baldwin already settled the criminal side of the case by pleading guilty to harassment in January 2019. He paid a $120 fine and attended anger management classes. But the civil side of the case has dragged on for years and is now going to trial  — and wait, there’s more than one lawsuit.

Cieszkowski sued Baldwin first in April 2019 for assault and slander after he claims the SNL Donald Trump impersonator punched him in the face during the incident. Baldwin went on to tell an exaggerated version of his side of the story on Howard Stern and Ellen DeGeneres’ shows because it made for good TV. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice David Cohen sided with the actor in December 2019 on the slander aspect of the case. “The words stated by defendant [Baldwin] are not words that accuse plaintiff [Cieszkowski] of a specific crime … They are words of frustration with someone’s driving,” the judge said, per Page Six.

Cieszkowski’s assault case is moving forward while Baldwin filed his own defamation and false imprisonment case against Cieszkowski, claiming that he lied to the cops, the hospital, the media, and the court about the alleged violence. The judge ruled this week that Cieszkowski couldn’t be held liable for any statements made to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office because the criminal case has already been settled, and the court dropped the false imprisonment charge since it wasn’t Cieszkowski who imprisoned him — the cops did.

That means both sides had negative and positive rulings in the case and it now moves forward to trial. Not surprisingly, Baldwin’s lawyer, Luke Nikas, is claiming victory so far. He told Page Six, “We’re very pleased with the decision. From the beginning, Alec has maintained that these charges were frivolous.”

But don’t count Cieszkowski out of this fight, he’s pretty feisty when it comes to this case. His lawyer, Douglas Lieb, is banking on Baldwin’s anger management issues to help him win the case. “We are pleased that the court found Mr. Baldwin’s false imprisonment claim to be baseless,” he told the media outlet. “Since Mr. Baldwin seems determined to put his reputation at issue in this case, we look forward to exploring that reputation at trial.”

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