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Queen Elizabeth & Prince William Are Worried About Harry & Meghan ‘Coming Off as Victims’

The Oprah Winfrey interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is still several days away and it’s obvious that the royal family is sweating about what is going to be revealed. As each new teaser is revealed, the temperatures from the palace are rising — particularly with Queen Elizabeth and Prince William.

Royal insiders know that there is at least some culpability (if not more) on the monarchy’s part in creating an “unsurvivable” setting for Harry and Meghan to raise their family. Yet it sounds like they are more worried about how they will look instead of being concerned about how they contributed to the state of the couple’s mental health. “The palace knows that they will not be cast in the best light by Harry and Meghan on Sunday and doesn’t want Harry and Meghan coming off as victims,” a source told US Weekly.

The drama from across the pond could have been avoided years ago if they had only skupported Meghan during her transition from private citizen to senior royal. If Queen Elizabeth and Prince William thought the drama reached a fever pitch with the couple’s exit, they sorely misjudged the situation — yet their concerns feel self-serving. The insider continued, “They feel that by sharing [Harry and Meghan’s] side of the story, the entire royal family will be painted in an unfair way.”

This will be the first time the world has heard the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s side to the story and will likely reveal the level of control the palace exerts over senior royals. In a new promo released on Friday, Winfrey revealed that she tried to get an interview with Meghan before the wedding in 2018. “I wasn’t even allowed to have that conversation with you personally,” revealed the Duchess.

“There were other people in the room when I was having that conversation,” responded Winfrey.

The palace has stubbornly kicked its way into modern times and it’s clear that not all of the decades-old methods of operating work anymore. While some members may willingly comply with royal protocol, others, like Harry and Meghan, are proving that it isn’t healthy for everyone to live under such strict standards. With Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry worried about being cast in a poor light, it might mean something has to change from within — and it should have changed a long time ago.

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