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Prince Philip’s Failing Health Is Being Linked to Meghan Markle’s Oprah Interview & We Are Livid

The Meghan Markle headlines in the British press leading up to the Oprah Winfrey interview on Sunday, March 7 are ridiculous. That’s really what it comes down to now that a Daily Mail reporter is tying Prince Philip’s poor health to the highly anticipated broadcast on CBS. Guess what? Two separate royal events can be happening at the same time without constantly blaming Meghan and Prince Harry for it.

Prince Philip is 99 years old and he is dealing with health issues related to his advanced age — it is not out of the norm for an elderly person to have heart and immune-response issues. The royal family is remaining positive about his recovery and everyone, including Meghan and Harry, wish him well. But of course, Daily Mail’s Andrew Pierce had to add his unwanted two cents, “#PrincePhilip clearly in very poor health hence the transfer to St Bart’s a specialist cardiac hospital. #HarryandMeghanonOprah should think very carefully about the timing of the release of that ‘no holds barred’ interview.”

Come on, he’s a member of the media and knows that the couple has no say in the broadcast schedule and they don’t have the authority to pull the interview — that’s a CBS decision. If something terrible were to happen to Prince Philip before the interview (we hope not!), it’s likely the network would postpone the pre-taped interview out of respect to the royal family members. Otherwise, the broadcast is happening whether you like it or not, Mr. Pierce.

What’s really happening is that the U.K. media is getting ready to crucify the stateside couple for how they view it — abandoning their posts as senior royal members and disobeying Queen Elizabeth. There’s no concern for their mental health and well-being in any of these headlines. Irish journalist Carl Kinsella put it best when he tweeted to Pierce in response, “The Daily Mail is literally, openly gearing up for its ‘Meghan Markle kills Prince Phillip’ front page.”

That’s exactly what the British media wants, right? They want to have free reign to blame Meghan for every royal mishap moving forward even though she’s not even living in the country. It’s open season on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and it’s gross.

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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry

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