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Piers Morgan Needs to Drop His Meghan Markle Bashing Over Earrings She Wore in 2018

We knew that the blowback leading up to and after the Oprah Winfrey interview was going to be bad for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in the British press, but we didn’t think they would stoop to tactics like this. A report from U.K.’s The Times touched on allegations of bullying from the staff serving the Duchess of Sussex, but it’s the story surrounding gifted earrings that Meghan wore to a formal dinner during their 2018 Fiji tour that really shows how far they’re willing to stretch themselves to paint Meghan in a negative light. Apparently, Meghan once wore earrings given to her by the crown prince since tied to the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi — and despite the fact that those earrings belong to the Crown Jewel more than they ever belonged to Meghan, she’s being singled out as somehow supporting the prince’s actions.

The earrings in question were a wedding gift from Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. The Times is reporting she knowingly wore them three weeks after The Washington Post reporter’s death. And of course, U.K. TV personality Piers Morgan had to chime in with his opinion.

“How does that sit Meghan Markle? You wearing chandeliers gifted to you by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia,” he said on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain. “How does that sit with your constant claims that you stand for women’s rights given how Saudi Arabia treats women? And she didn’t just wear them once, she wore them twice.”

Morgan has become somewhat of a thorn in Meghan’s side constantly making digs at her expense, but remember he’s been obsessed with taking her down after their one date didn’t go in the direction he wanted. He was eventually ghosted by Meghan for Prince Harry (can you blame her?).


The other glaring issue in this unfair story is the fact that the timeline and how Meghan was given pieces for her 2018 tour are off. A little fact-checking would show that while the gift was definitely from a controversial international figure (that we can all agree on), it was accepted on her behalf. The jewelry was not in her possession, but safely guarded by The Crown Jewels, and was likely presented to her as an option for accessorizing during her public appearances in Fiji. She wore them on Oct. 23, 2018, but it was not until Nov. 16, 2018, that the CIA confirmed that Mohammed bin Salman was tied to Khashoggi’s execution, per The Washington Post. 

It feels like a complete set-up because the palace shouldn’t be accepting these gifts on anyone royal member’s behalf, especially when they are from unsavory political figures. This not only goes for Meghan’s earrings, but there are plenty of pieces in the royal collection that tie back to colonialism — and no one should be wearing those pieces either.

The British press needs to check themselves — no one in the royal family is beyond criticism, but the latest story has gone way too far. It’s no wonder Meghan and Harry checked out of their senior roles.

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Commonwealth Day 2020. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrive at the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey, London on Commonwealth Day. The service is their final official engagement before they quit royal life. Picture date: Monday March 9, 2020. See PA story ROYAL Commonwealth.

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