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Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell Can’t Keep Their Hands Off Each Other Nearly 40 Years Later in This Romantic New Photo

When it comes to celebrity couples, we’ve gotten used to the heartbreak that comes when our favorite A-listers decide to part ways. Yep, celebrities split up all the time, and sometimes we’re totally blindsided by the news. But lest you think that Hollywood isn’t a place where you can find a magical movie-like romance IRL — think again. After all, it is Hollywood. In fact, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have been living that fairytale relationship for nearly 40 years, and by the looks of a new sweet photo shared by Kate Hudson, the two are just as love-struck as they were when they first met.

“❤️They real cute❤️,” Hudson wrote on Instagram. In the photos, we see Russell leaning down to kiss Hawn and as Hudson says, the two are real cute. I mean, they’re basically proving that true love in Hollywood exists, and it’s giving us so much hope.

Despite Hawn and Russell not being married (which is something the two have no plans to change), they are one of the longest-lasting Hollywood couples around, and honestly, their love story just gets better as time goes on.

The couple has created a beautiful blended family with Russell’s son Boston (from his first marriage to Season Hubley), Hawn’s kids, Kate and Oliver, from her first marriage to Bill Hudson, and their own son Wyatt Russell — and their strong family bond is a testament to Hawn and Russell’s love.

We’re not the only ones inspired by their story, either. In the comments, people shared similar sentiments with one user writing, “I have always loved the way they love each other ❤️ beautiful people all the way through.”

We so agree!

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