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Jennifer Aniston Hosted This Golden Globes Nominee & His Daughters Last Night

Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston are seriously celebrity friend goals. These two are each hilarious on their own but put them in the same room together or in the same movie, and comedic magic happens. We’ve heard Aniston rave about Bateman before, and we get it — I mean, come on, have you seen Ozark? Although the Golden Globes may have looked very different this year than in the past, celebrities sharing their pandemic award show moments across social media have helped bring some lightness and joy to the virtual event. Aniston posted a hilarious Golden Globes moment this year, and it centered around her dear friend, Bateman himself.

On her Instagram story, Aniston shared a series of images focusing on the virtual award show experience. In the first photo, she revealed that Bateman and his family came over to her house for the award show.

In the second story post, Aniston shared a video showing Bateman’s hilarious virtual setup, which consisted of a massive ring light and Aniston’s white paint-by-numbers painting being used as a reflector. We have to give them props for their creativity!

The last photo captured everyone involved in helping get the perfect video set-up, with Aniston captioning it “It takes a village…” She also tagged Bateman’s wife, Amanda Anka, who appears to be standing next to him in the photo.

Lazy loaded image

Although Bateman didn’t win for Best Actor in a Drama TV Series, he sure did look great through that screen. All thanks to Aniston’s help (and her painting, of course). Honestly, we just have to say we’re happy their fun-loving friendship has continued to stay strong. We cannot wait to see what shenanigans they get into next.

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