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Jason Sudeikis Could Not Have Been Less Prepared to Win This Ted Lasso Golden Globe

Someone give this man a hug, pronto! Jason Sudeikis won over many a heart during the 2021 Golden Globe Awards as he first watched Norman Lear deliver a speech with childlike wonder and then accepted a Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy Series Golden Globe for his eponymous role on Ted Lasso, an honor that clearly no one was more surprised by than the honoree himself. In a tie-dye sweatshirt that screamed “it’s 2 AM here in London and I physically couldn’t stand both being awake and uncomfortable,” Sudeikis delivered a halting speech of sincere thanks intertwined with a winding anecdote about a Leo Tolstoy book he likes to read his 6-year-old Otis, and even his fellow nominees couldn’t stop themselves from cracking up on camera. After a year that’s included a surprising split from longtime partner Olivia Wilde, we couldn’t be happier that Sudeikis won for this genuinely lovable show — and that he gave us a 100% unfiltered peek into his living room tonight.

“That’s nuts,” Sudeikis began, a theme he stayed true to for the next few harried minutes. “Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press. I mean this is for me the coolest thing that a group of — that’s nuts. That’s crazy. Okay. All right. Wow.”

“Well, here’s what I’ll say, I’ll say this,” he continued, seemingly regrouping and yes, still looking like he just got woken up from a three-year nap. “I want to thank everybody that worked on the show. I read this book to my son Otis called The Three Questions by Leo Tolstoy and he has these three questions like, when’s the best time to do things, what’s the right thing to do, and who’s the most important one. And that last question, who’s the most important one, is the person you’re with.”

At this point, other actors are shooting bemused looks at their cameras, but he soldiers on: “So I kind of reject the premise of being the best actor because in my humble opinion the best actor is the person you’re acting with so I want to give this shout-out to all the people I get to act with on this show. Because they’re incredible.”

Don Cheadle starts hitting him with a “wrap it up” finger, which Sudeikis gratefully takes as his exit: “Don’s right, I got to wrap this puppy up. Never been my forte. Little windy. Little windy, as my aunt Loretta would say. Thank you. I appreciate you guys.”

Are we having fun or are we having fun guys? For more energy that makes you want to say “aw, yeah,” we can’t recommend binging the full season of Ted Lasso enough. It’s a little less bumbling and little more, uh, bright-eyed than tonight’s appearance, but it’s every bit as lovable. Things are looking up for Mr. Sudeikis, one scene stealing moment at a time.

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