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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban’s Daughters Make a Rare Golden Globes Appearance

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are fixtures on the red carpet when it comes to every major award show, so it was surprising to see they had company at Sunday’s Golden Globes. The couple’s two daughters, Sunday Rose, 12, and Faith Margaret, 10, joined them to celebrate Kidman’s nomination for The Undoing.

Viewers got their first glimpse of them when hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey made a joke about her role in the HBO series. The cameras cut to the family to get a reaction and that’s when we saw the entire crew glammed up for mom’s big night. The four family members were sitting snugly on the couch in their home with Kidman in a gorgeous Louis Vuitton black gown with gold accents, Urban was decked out in a tux and Sunday and Faith joined the color coordination with beautiful white dresses.

Since Kidman and Urban keep their kids out of the press as much as possible, it was amazing to see how much they look like their dad. With their Gen Z middle parts and the long hair, we bet that their daughters are stealing all of the good hair products in dad’s bathroom.

It will be interesting to see if the girls follow in their parents’ creative footsteps. In a 2019 Vanity Fair interview, Kidman revealed that Sunday played the piano while Faith enjoyed the violin, but she doesn’t think anyone should read too much into that just yet. “You can’t really get kids into anything, I’ve realized. You can push them a bit, but motivation is a really hard thing,” she said. “I mean, nobody motivated me to be an actor; if anything they tried to deter me.”

No matter what path their daughters take, it’s sweet to see how close the family is — and hopefully, it’s a sign that there are more red carpet appearances to come in the future.

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