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Michelle Obama Wanted This Friend to Show Barack Obama How to Be a Better Husband

We know the Obamas have quite a few famous friends, but few hold as dear a place to the couple as Bruce Springsteen and wife Patti Scialfa, who got to know the couple on the 2008 campaign trail and have formed a close connection ever since. Former President Barack Obama and Springsteen will be showcasing that friendship on new podcast Renegades: Born in the USA, the first two episodes of which feature the two men talking about their upbringing in America and how times have changed — as well as anecdotes about the time they’ve spent together. Early on, Barack admits that wife Michelle Obama took a liking to Springsteen for a particular reason right away: she thought he could help him learn how to be a “proper husband.”

Talking about how quickly they and their wives had hit it off, Barack revealed this about his wife’s admiration.

“Michelle was very pleased in the insights you had about your failings as a man. And after we would leave a dinner, or a party, or a conversation, she’d say, ‘You see how Bruce understands his shortcomings and has come to terms with them in a way that you have not?'” he said. “‘You should spend some more time with Bruce. Because he’s put in the work.'”

Tell us how you really feel, Michelle! It seems that Springsteen never knew the depths of the former FLOTUS’ admirations: “Sorry about that,” he offers cheerfully.

“There was a little also of the sense that I needed to get coached In how to be a proper husband,” Barack continued.

While we know it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Barack and Michelle, we know that not because they’re a particularly turbulent couple but because they’ve weathered incredibly challenging circumstances and have been honest about their toll in the years since. Michelle picking on Barack here to be more like Bruce similarly isn’t necessarily a sign they were in trouble, but of Michelle’s no-filter, no-nonsense approach to her life. If Michelle is witnessing some evolved masculinity, she’s going to make damn sure Barack is taking notes.

“I tried to explain: Look, he’s ten years older than me. He’s been through some of this stuff. I’m still in training mode,” Barack added.

Over 10 years later then, we’d imagine Barack is out of training and ready for the marriage Olympics. With nearly 30 years married to Michelle under his belt, we’d say he’s definitely on the right track.

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