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Jennifer Lopez Reveals Her Children Were the Inspiration for One of Her Hit Songs

Jennifer Lopez is a woman of many talents. She can put on a stellar Super Bowl Halftime performance, balance her blended family with Alex Rodriguez, and be an amazing mom to twins Emme and Max — all while managing to make it look easy (even though we know it’s not). Her latest role is being a mom to official teenagers — her twins just turned 13 — and Lopez is clearly still feeling nostalgic. Fellow parents of teens understand the feeling of waking up and wondering just how the years flew by so quickly. One day they’re in diapers, the next they’re celebrating their first official ‘teen’ birthday. In a second birthday tribute to her twins, she revealed that this feeling was actually the inspiration behind her hit song “One Step At a Time.”

Lopez shared one of the sweet fan videos that were created for Emme and Max, and you can hear her song “One Step at a Time” playing in the background. She wrote, “I wrote this song ‘One Step at a Time’ when the twins were six weeks old…Max was already trying to curl up and get out of his chair… I was like ‘where are you going lil one? Where are you running off to?’ All I could think was before I know it they will be running around, and it was already going so fast and I wanted it all to slow down!! Lol. And next thing I know… boom… 13”

She captures that quintessential mom experience perfectly. Babies grow up too fast, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. Lopez went on to thank her dedicated fans, “I’ve been watching your videos all day with Emme and Max smiling, crying, laughing, and having the best time… we love you!!”


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